Monitoring of FLASH radiotherapies


Cancer therapy using external particle beams is a field knowing a continuous effort for the research and development of improved tools that maximise the tumour control probability while minimising the damage to the surrounding organs at risk (OAR). Recently (starting from 2014) experimental evidence is growing supporting an approach in which patients are treated with ultra high dose rates (1000 times larger with respect to conventional radiotherapy) to improve the OARs sparing. However, to say a final word on the potential and efficacy of the FLASH therapy approach, a precise measurement and control of the dose rate is needed. Standard monitoring detectors are not suitable for use in FLASH regime and new technological solutions have to be explored to provide a reliable measurement of the dose rate. We are exploring the possibility of using Silicon Carbide (SiC) detectors exploiting their favourable characteristics with respect to gas-chambers as well as Silicon and Diamond solidstate sensors, in the framework of FLASH applications.