a 4-channel fast bipolar picoammeter with integrated voltage bias source

The PCR4 picoammeter by SenSiC is a 4-channel, 24-bit resolution, wide-bandwidth, wide input dynamic range picoammeter with an integrated bias source up to ± 20 V.   The device is composed of a specially designed transimpedance input stage for current sensing combined with analog signal conditioning and filtering stages making use of state-of-the-art electronics.

The device can perform bipolar current measurements from ±25 nA (with a nominal resolution of about 3 fA) up to ±50mA (resolution of 150 nA) with a sampling frequencies of 53 kHz ( for 4 channel@24-bit resolution). Low temperature drifts, good linearity and very low noise levels enable users to perform very high-precision current measurements.

The PCR4 picoammeter is housed in a light, robust and extremely compact metallic box that can be placed close to the Silicon Carbide sensor, in order to reduce cable lengths and minimize possible noise pick-up. The communication is guaranteed by a dual standard 1000 Mbps Ethernet TCP/IP protocol.